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Our whitening brush uses the power of blue light to whiten your teeth while you brush. It's the time-saving, smile brightening toothbrush you never knew you needed.

With six LED bulbs, four brushing modes, and a helpful two-minute timer, this toothbrush will give your smile the boost you've always dreamed of.
What's in the box?

Whitening brush toothbrush handle
Two whitening brush heads
Charging dock

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Perfect Smile Whitening Brush’s blue light technology is very safe for people who suffer from sensitive teeth and gums. It also features an advanced pressure sensor, alerting you if you’re brushing too hard.

The multi-directional DuPont bristles are soft and especially gentle on the teeth and gums, and the hard-to-reach areas in between, so it is less likely to cause pain or bleeding.

The Perfect Smile Whitening Brush uses professional whitening technology that will help deliver a brighter, longer-lasting smile, while leaving your entire mouth feeling clean and refreshed.*

It features 4 different cleaning options, a pressure sensor to signal if you’re brushing your teeth and gums too hard, and a built-in automatic timer to ensure that you follow the ADA (American Dental Association) recommended time you need to brush (2 minutes, twice a day).

The Whitening Brush also comes with an incredible 10-Year Warranty. Should you ever experience any technical issues, Perfect Smile Company will replace your toothbrush at no additional cost.

Your Perfect Smile Whitening Brush comes with a total of 4 different teeth cleaning cycle options to match your preferred brushing style:

  • Clean: The Whitening Brush’s base setting and “workhorse” mode, it removes plaque and other harmful bacteria quickly and efficiently in every 2-minute brushing session.
  • White: If your goal is to remove surface stains caused by coffee and red wine, then give this extra-hard working mode a try.
  • Polish: Helps improve the gloss of the tooth surface. The vibration intensity increases rapidly to stimulate the polishing effect.
  • Gum Care: For those with sensitive teeth and gums who want a less intense vibration.

To change cleaning cycle options press the power button again. The light at the bottom of the Whitening Brush will change and show the new mode you’re brushing with.

To achieve the best results, ensuring quality and effectiveness, it is advised that you replace your brush heads every 3 months. Changing the brush head when the bristles begin to bend outwards is also recommended.

The Perfect Smile Whitening Brush is very safe for people who have dental work. The Whitening Brush allows users of all dexterity levels to easily maneuver around braces, bridges, implants and crowns, providing them with a thorough and effective cleaning.

10-Year Warranty

We believe the Perfect Smile Whitening Brush is a high-quality product that will last you for years, but we still provide our customers with a 10-Year Warranty, just in case anything happens!

If you experience any technical issues with your Perfect Smile Whitening Brush, we’ve got your back with a 10-Year Warranty.

Our goal is to make this process as easy and smooth as possible for you with transparent details and instructions should you have to activate your warranty.

Here is a clear breakdown of the warranty process:

1. All manufacturing defects and technical issues are covered if your Whitening Kit stops working.

2. Once you contact our Customer Success Team, they will provide a return authorization number (RMA #) and the address of the proper Authorized Returns Center.

3. Ship the product back to the Authorized Returns Center and receive your new Whitening Kit soon after!

Please note: You will be responsible for a restocking fee of $17.99 + shipping & handling fees when you return your defective product to the Authorized Return Center.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout any part of this process, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team!

Customer Success Team Contact Information & Hours:
Toll-Free Number: (800) 701-2459
Mon - Fri: 6AM – 6PM Pacific Standard Time
Sat: 8AM – 5PM Pacific Standard Time
Sun: 8AM – 5PM Pacific Standard Time

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

At The Perfect Smile Company, your happiness is our top priority. That means if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, for any reason at all, you’re eligible to receive a refund within 90 days of your purchase.

If you’re not happy with your Perfect Smile Whitening Brush, all you have to do is return it within 90 days of your order date. To ensure your refund is processed successfully, you must include an RMA #.

Here is a clear breakdown of the return process:

1. Call us at (800) 701-2459 or send an email to: This will start the return process (within 90 days of your order date).

2. One of our award-winning Customer Success Team members will provide the two things you need to process your refund: a return authorization number (RMA #) and the mailing address of the proper Authorized Returns Center.

3. Send your product to the address provided, along with the RMA #, and you will receive your refund.

Please note: You are responsible for paying for the shipping + handling fee when you return the product to the Authorized Returns Center.

Your Information Is Secure - All online orders are 100% secure. We do not share your personal information without your explicit consent.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority - The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit helps you achieve a gorgeous, head-turning smile.