Whitening Brush

This advanced LED electric whitening toothbrush is designed to deliver a brighter, more gorgeous smile.

  • LED Blue Light

    The latest in cold light technology gets your teeth up to 3 shades whiter in only 7 days.

  • Ultra-Soft Brush Head

    DuPont bristles are gentle and soothing on sensitive teeth and gums. They also reduce more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

  • 4 Unique Brushing Modes

    Sync up your preferred brushing style with 1 of 4 unique cleaning options: Clean, White, Polish and Gum Care.

  • Smart Timer

    Automatically turns off when the ADA-recommended 2 minute brushing time is up, helping you keep your oral health tip-top.

  • Learn Why Perfect Smile Products Are Trusted And Recommended By Dentists.

    Dr. Sean Sooferian, DDS is a UCLA-trained dentist with his own practice in Los Angeles, CA.

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This toothbrush has been amazing everything it was billed to be. The charge is amazing and it cleans like no other toothbrush I have used.

This slender easy to handle brush helps me to get in and around my bridges better. Also my teeth feel very smooth and clean after brushing and that is I comfort that I really appreciate. I highly recommend Perfect Smile.