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The Easy and Effective At-Home Method for a Whiter and Brighter Smile Everyone Will Notice…

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What Is LED Light Technology?

LED light technology is a game-changing method for helping you get a whiter, brighter, healthier-looking smile fast and effortlessly.

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit takes an innovative approach to teeth whitening, incorporating blue and red light therapy. Blue light therapy gets your teeth whiter. Red light therapy helps protect your oral health and prevents bad breath. The great news is you can use both modes at once–and receive twice the benefits!

So, if you’ve tried everything to get whiter teeth–strips, toothpaste, gum, expensive and painful laser whitening treatments at a dentist–LED technology is a simple and safe way to help eliminate years-old stains and give you a glowing smile–all from the comfort of your home!

How Does LED Light Technology Whiten My Teeth?

When combined with whitening gel, the mouthpiece activates blue and red light wavelengths to whiten teeth fast, while keeping your oral health safe – especially if you suffer from sensitive teeth and gums.

And if you’re concerned about putting an LED light device in your mouth…

Harvard-affiliated researchers conducted a study of patients with gum inflammation. They discovered the patients’ inflammation was actually reduced after using an LED toothbrush.1

In fact, some of the top-performing LED light products on the market undergo rigorous testing to ensure they keep you and your mouth healthy and protected, while preventing tooth stains.

Dr. Sean Sooferian DDS, August 5, 2022
Top L.A. Dentist Reveals 6 Reasons Why You Should Use An At-Home Whitening Kit In 2022.

Confidence and personality are the key to success in life. So why not start with a smile that helps you feel more confident when you step out into the world? The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is an advanced, at-home teeth whitening method, recommended by dentists, that can get your teeth noticeably whiter in only 7 days. Here are the 6 reasons the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is helping people like you get a gorgeous smile!

#1: Clinically tested by dental professionals to deliver real results.

Safety and efficacy testing by a reputable company or laboratory is essential to ensure consumers get what they pay for. The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit was clinically tested by Allergisa, a trusted, international pioneer in safety and efficacy testing. During Allergisa’s clinical trial, 97% of subjects reported that their teeth looked visibly brighter, and 94% claimed their teeth looked noticeably whiter.*

#2: Whiter and brighter teeth without pain.

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit uses carbamide peroxide (FDA-approved and very safe) in its whitening gel, due to a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which has been known to cause extreme discomfort in higher doses for people suffering from tooth or gum sensitivity. In Allergisa’s clinical trial, 97% of subjects experienced virtually no sensitivity, while 100% of users reported the Whitening Kit was suitable for their sensitive teeth.*

#3: Keep whitening your teeth for years with the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit.

Like any other products, some whitening kits can break down fast. This is a problem, especially when you need to whiten your teeth again after a few months and your device stops working. The Whitening Kit features a dynamic and durable design that can last you for years. And to ensure customer satisfaction, it comes with free shipping, plus a no-risk, all-reward 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and industry-leading 10-Year Product Warranty.

#4: Move around freely during your daily treatments.

Wireless and rechargeable, the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit provides users with the freedom and flexibility to handle other tasks while their teeth get whiter. In fact, 97% of subjects in Allergisa’s clinical study found the Whitening Kit convenient to use.* You will save time, energy…and love what you see in the mirror!

#5: 3 easy steps to a whiter smile!

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is fully charged and ready to go right out of the box! Simply apply the gel evenly to your teeth, insert the mouthpiece and power it on, and the 16-minute timer will alert you when your treatment is complete. Along with the thermoforming moldable mouthpiece, you will receive 3 whitening gel pens, a USB cord to recharge it and the shade chart to track your progress.

#6: The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is a game-changer – at a reasonable price.

A single laser whitening treatment at some dentists can set you back upwards of $1,000! Other at-home whitening kits retail for $300. But for less than $150, the Whitening Kit will deliver beautiful teeth that are at least 3 shades whiter in only 7 days – from the comfort of your own home! Thanks to the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit, prepare to get noticed with the head-turning smile you’ve always dreamed of!

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