Clinically-Tested Products Trusted & Recommended By Dentists

All Perfect Smile products have been clinically tested by Allergisa, a trusted, international pioneer in safety and efficacy testing. I've been around dental offices my whole life and have come across a variety of electric toothbrushes, water flossers and teeth whitening products. The Perfect Smile Whitening Brush, Portable Water Flosser and Whitening Kit are in a class by themselves, when it comes to quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Dr. Sean Sooferian DDS

Created & Designed In Southern California

Based in El Segundo, California, one of America’s top tech hubs, the Perfect Smile Company delivers cutting-edge devices that:

  • Effectively Whiten Your Teeth
  • Are Easy, Convenient & Safe To Use
  • Feature A Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Design
  • Come With A 10-Year Product Warranty


The Perfect Smile Company is partnering with 4Ocean to remove

one pound of plastic for every Perfect Smile product sold.

The Perfect Smile Company was created with reliability and sustainability in mind. We know how much money people spend on high-quality oral healthcare products, and our dedicated team strongly believes that effective and long-lasting value should come from these devices.

We Have Something For Everyone’s Beautiful Smile.

Perfect Smile Collection

Whitening Kit

Gets Teeth At Least 3 Shades Whiter In 7 Days*

Portable Flosser

More Effective Than String Floss At Removing Plaque*

Whitening Brush

Eliminates Tough Stains To Whiten Teeth Fast***


Gently Massages Teeth & Gums To Reduce Bleeding

Refills & Replacements

Whitening Kit
Gel Pens

Very Safe For Sensitive Teeth & Gums

Brush Heads

Cleans Hard-To-Reach Areas Of Your Mouth

E-Brush Charcoal
Brush Heads

Absorbs Plaque For Cleaner Teeth***

Whitening Brush
Brush Heads

Very Gentle On Sensitive Teeth & Gums