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2022’s Top 3 At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

For A Shockingly Whiter Smile

Dr. Sean Sooferian DDS
By Dr. Sean Sooferian L.A.-Based Dentist · June 21st, 2022
The safest, easiest-to-use and most effective products for helping you get a head-turning smile that is shades brighter.

One question many of my patients often ask me is: “How do I get whiter teeth?”

As a dentist, I have performed a number of laser whitening treatments over the years. While this procedure can deliver the desired results, it is also time consuming and expensive for a number of my patients…

And the truth is recent technological advancements have been happening when it comes to teeth whitening

Whitening kits that stand out from the pack are easy to use, safe and deliver real results.

Like being able to get a whiter and brighter smile from the comfort of your own home.

That’s why I recommend certain high-quality at-home teeth whitening kits.

The best of these brands can deliver noticeably whiter teeth within a week.

They can also give you a huge shot of confidence in both your professional and social life.

Walk into any room with beautiful teeth and people pay attention.

Now, some of you may be nervous about putting an LED light mouthpiece in your mouth…

Or applying whitening serum to your teeth, especially if you already suffer from sensitivity of any kind.

But there’s great news!

The products I recommend are very safe for sensitive teeth and gums.

Some have even gone through rigorous clinical testing to ensure safety and efficacy.

Obviously, every product has its pros and cons…

So I’ve put together my own list of the top-3 at-home teeth whitening kits – to make it very easy for you to choose the right one.

But first, let’s take a look at 4 key benefits the best at-home whitening kits provide.

Your At-Home Whitening Kit Should Provide These 4 Benefits

  1. Safe For Sensitive Teeth & Gums - Brighten your teeth without pain.

    Certain whitening kits incorporate carbamide peroxide (FDA-approved and very safe), because it contains a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which has been known to cause extreme discomfort in higher doses for people suffering from tooth or gum sensitivity.

  2. Clinically Tested - High-quality products go through rigorous clinical trials.

    Safety and efficacy testing by a reputable and trusted company or laboratory is essential to ensure consumers get what they pay for.

  3. Durable Design - You can whiten your teeth with the same device for years.

    Like any number of products, some whitening kits can break down fast. That’s a problem, especially when you need to whiten your teeth again after a few months and your device doesn’t work. The great news is there are whitening kits that are designed to last for years.

  4. Wireless - Move around freely during your daily whitening treatment.

    Wireless devices give you the convenience and flexibility of handling other tasks while your teeth get whiter. You will save time, energy…and love what you see in the mirror!

5 Tips To Whiten Your Teeth Safely & Effectively At Home

  1. Whitening Tip #1 - Make sure the whitening gel that comes with your at-home teeth whitening kit is chemical-free. Whitening gels containing chemicals can cause long-lasting discomfort – even if you don’t normally suffer from sensitive teeth or gums.
  2. Whitening Tip #2 - An effective device will incorporate blue + red light technology. The blue light whitens teeth, while the red light keeps your teeth and gums protected during daily whitening treatments. Use both at the same time and receive twice the benefits.
  3. Whitening Tip #3 - Brush your teeth before your daily treatments. After brushing, rinse your mouth and dry your teeth.
  4. Whitening Tip #4 - Spread the whitening gel evenly across ALL of your teeth to ensure consistent results.
  5. Whitening Tip #5 - After your treatment, do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.

Check out the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit. It’s been clinically shown to get teeth at least 3 shades whiter in ONLY 7 days.

The #1 Pick

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit From The Perfect Smile Company

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is at the top of this list because it is an outstanding product that delivers real results safely, effectively and fast. Its main claim, that it will get teeth 3 shades whiter in only 7 days, is backed up by an extensive clinical trial run by Allergisa, a trusted, international pioneer in safety and efficacy testing.*
Perfect Smile Whitening Kit

The Whitening Kit uses a gel containing carbamide peroxide and other chemical-free ingredients that will not cause pain or discomfort, especially if you already suffer from sensitive teeth and gums. It features blue + red light technology, ensuring that tough stains are removed, oral health is protected and teeth are whitened fast — in just 16 minutes a day.*

This is a smartly designed, wireless and eco-friendly device backed by an incredible 10-Year Warranty. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can return it within 90 days for a fast and full refund. The customer service staff at the Perfect Smile Company are the best in the business: highly knowledgeable, courteous and helpful.

Pros  Pros
  • Clinically Shown To Get Teeth Noticeably Whiter*
  • Very Safe For Sensitive Teeth & Gums
  • Easy To Use Right Out Of The Box
  • Wireless
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee & 10-Year Warranty
  • Created & Designed in California
Cons  Pros
  • Only Available Online
  • Sells Fast

#2 Pick


People searching for an efficient teeth whitening kit will usually find Snow at the top of their list. While this unit is not wireless, it does feature a unique whitening serum with an LED mouthpiece that whitens teeth quickly. It comes with a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and limited 5-Year Product Warranty. Visit Website
Pros  Pros
  • Powerful & Easy To Use
  • Brightens Teeth And Supports Gum Health
  • Designed In The USA
Cons  Pros
  • Not Wireless
  • Retails for $150

#3 Pick


Glo is a well-designed device that features an advanced heat acceleration technology. Patented by a top aesthetic dentist, the mouthpiece incorporates a sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide gel in its treatment. The mouthpiece plugs into a power pack, which you wear around your neck, essentially “wiring you up” for daily treatments. Visit Website
Pros  Pros
  • Advanced Heat Acceleration Technology
  • Approved by the FDA
Cons  Pros
  • Only Provides a 1-Year Warranty
  • Not Wireless

Our Mission

The Perfect Smile Company’s mission is to deliver high-quality products that help you discover your most beautiful smile, and to ensure safe and long-lasting oral health. We want to help you unlock your true potential, and that starts with healthy and gorgeous teeth!