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14 Million Tons Of Plastic End Up In The Ocean Every Year.

Here is what you and The Perfect Smile Company can do about it.
A beautiful world starts with a beautiful smile.

The Perfect Smile Company was created with reliability and sustainability in mind. We know how much money people spend on high-quality oral healthcare products, and our dedicated team strongly believes that effective and long-lasting value should come from these devices. We want to bring our customers easy and convenient ways to whiten their teeth and improve their oral health, without all the extra time and money involved. Perfect Smile products are innovative, dentist-recommended and backed by science.

Every Perfect Smile product comes with a 10-year warranty. We believe you deserve a device that is built to last. Along with product reliability, we are partnered with 4Ocean: for every Perfect Smile order, 1 pound of plastic waste is removed from our waterways. This is part of our initiative to be a plastic-neutral brand. Every year, millions of manual toothbrushes end up in oceans, rivers and lakes. When you purchase a Perfect Smile product, you’re helping to keep 10 years’ worth of these plastic toothbrushes out of the environment.

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